"Being in a foreign country where you feel somewhat vulnerable can be difficult and your team really helped us....I am glad that you were the ones dealing with my difficult situation."

- S.W., Ontario

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Study Abroad

Study Abroad - insurance for students outside their home countries

Medical Insurance for Students and Scholars who will be participating in an educational experience outside of the United States for one to twelve months.


Global Medical USA

Global Medical USA - insurance for foreign nationals coming into the U.S.

Medical Insurance for foreign nationals traveling for up to 12 months to the United States.


Global Medical International

Global Medical International - insurance for individuals traveling outside of their home country

Medical Insurance for individuals traveling for up to 12 months outside of their Home Country, except to the United States.


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Snake Bite in Costa Rica

While studying in Costa Rica, a young man was bitten by a poisonous viper. He was taken to a nearby clinic for antivenom and UnitedHealthcare Global was contacted for assistance. Fortunately, the man's vital signs were normal, but he was in terrible pain. UnitedHealthcare Global Physician Advisors consulted with the patient and the treating physician. The man wanted to travel home, but UnitedHealthcare Global physicians realized the risks involved in traveling so soon. After two more days, it was determined that the man could return home. UnitedHealthcare Global Assistance worked with the airlines to change the man's plane tickets so he could return home early.