"I want to thank everyone at UnitedHealthcare Global for your prompt response to my situation and continued efforts to get me back to the States. I am truly grateful for the assistance given to me and the fair and courteous manner in which all personnel responded to me and my wife."

-W.W., Alabama

The UnitedHealthcare Global Difference

Why use UnitedHealthcare Global services?

UnitedHealthcare Global presents the optimal answer to your travel, medical and security assistance needs. We are proud to offer the following in our assistance programs:

  • A Fully-Integrated Assistance Solution - UnitedHealthcare Global provides in-house, dedicated teams for all medical and security services.
  • 52+ years of combined experience - Together, the companies in the UnitedHealthcare Global family have a combined 52+ years of experience in helping travelers and expatriates, students and educational institutions throughout the world.
  • Customized Programs - We understand that each group of travelers is unique, and we will work with you to create a program that fits your needs.
  • World Class Customer Satisfaction - While other companies try to make you conform to their pre-existing services, we will work directly with you to provide solutions that fit your organization's needs.
  • Dedicated Customer Relationship Management - You will have one main point of contact who is your representative within UnitedHealthcare Global. Your Client Relations Manager will help you implement the program, train your travelers, and provide continuous support.
  • Domestic Capabilities - We are one of the only assistance companies that will help travelers within their own home countries.
  • Unprecedented Network - With more than 59,000 providers and
    resources, we can help you and your travelers at any time, in any location.
  • No Unexpected Fees - Where other companies may surprise you with additional, unexpected fees, UnitedHealthcare Global is clear about all expenses up-front, before service is rendered. Many of our clients appreciate this difference, as it helps them effectively manage their budgets.

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Paralysis in India

A professor's son was traveling in India when he fell from a mountain bike and was admitted to a nearby hospital with spinal injuries. UnitedHealthcare Global was called for help, and UnitedHealthcare Global Physician Advisors quickly realized that the man was paralyzed. After assuring his stability, UnitedHealthcare Global knew that it was critical that for the man to return home for long-term treatment. UnitedHealthcare Global's travel experts began to make flight arrangements from India to the United States. Soon, the man was home with his family and receiving care at his home hospital.