"I really appreciated the friendly and responsible way in which [FrontierMEDEX] interacted with my husband and I. [It] even helped us find an ER in the area. [FrontierMEDEX] helped us navigate a very scary situation while traveling abroad."

- S.D., Manitoba

Online Tools

As part of the FrontierMEDEX family, CMI is able to offer you a wealth of online travel and intelligence tools to protect your students and travelers. Contact us for more information or for a demo of these useful tools.

MEDEX Pandemic

As demonstrated by SARS, Avian Flu, and the H1N1 outbreaks, it's easier than ever to spread viruses and diseases around the world. The FrontierMEDEX Pandemic website helps prepare your travelers - and your organization - for the affects of a global pandemic. Visit www.medexassist.com/pandemic.

The Member Center

The Member Center gives you access to the other FrontierMEDEX online tools that you've chosen to include with your program. You can use the Member Center to print out additional ID cards, review program details, and contact us for help. You can customize the Member Center so it matches your organization's branding and provides the information you want available to your travelers. Accessing the Member Center is easy through an auto-log-on option through your intranet or a secured sign-in page on the FrontierMEDEX website.

World Watch®

It is essential to equip your travelers with the tools to understand the risks they face in their destinations. You can do this with World Watch®, your online location for all things security related. With global threat maps, risk assessments, government reports, and details for more than 180 countries and territories around the world, World Watch® information is in real-time, ensuring that you and your travelers are always up-to-date on any given situation. Available for an additional fee.

MEDEX 360°m Global Medical Monitor

Medical care varies greatly throughout the world. MEDEX 360ºm helps to distinguish the differences in healthcare and evaluate a destination's medical risks. Created in partnership with Harvard Medical International, MEDEX 360ºm is the most robust source of international medical information available today. Your travelers can review recommended and required immunizations, find FrontierMEDEX-approved hospitals, translate common medical phrases, and much more. Available for an additional fee.

Global Monitoring

You tell us the countries and cities you want monitored, and we will let you know if an incident occurs in those locations. Email alerts are sent soon after the incident and help you to determine a plan of action to protect your travelers and your organization. Available for an additional fee.

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Lyme Disease in China

When a young man was in China, he developed symptoms of Lyme Disease. His mother contacted CMI for a hospital referral. The FrontierMEDEX Emergency Response Center recommended a nearby hospital, which is a credentialed FrontierMEDEX Center of Excellence. The local physicians put him on antibiotics and the young man began to feel better. FrontierMEDEX continued to follow the case until the young man no longer needed our assistance.