"Being in a foreign country where you feel somewhat vulnerable can be difficult and your team really helped us....I am glad that you were the ones dealing with my difficult situation."

- S.W. Ontario

Insurance Plans

Insurance Plans through CMI

CMI offers blanket medical insurance plans to protect your students and study abroad participants. With Medical Expense Benefits, Emergency Evacuation Benefits, and Emergency Reunion Benefits, you'll know that your students are covered for a variety of situations.

Premier Group

For U.S. college and university groups participating in study abroad programs. Covers students, faculty, and staff members who are U.S. citizens, and their dependents.

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Global Group High School Exchange

This insurance plan covers participants and chaperones in high school, secondary school, and middle school international student exchange programs. This includes U.S. students traveling abroad as well as international students coming into the United States.

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Appendicitis in China

A 16-year-old student in Beijing was admitted to a local hospital for an emergency appendectomy. However, the hospital would not perform the surgery without a guarantee of payment. The woman's family contacted CMI for assistance. CMI issued a guarantee of payment while the UnitedHealthcare Global Assistance Emergency Response Center monitored the woman's treatment, and helped arrange for her parents to come visit. Several days later, the woman was discharged from the hospital and able to recover with her parents nearby.