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Rotary Youth Exchange


CMI and UnitedHealthcare Global have worked with many Rotary Youth Exchange programs to develop insurance plans that provide the best protection for students. We offer more than just medical insurance - our programs include 24/7 emergency support to help find and monitor medical care, medical evacuation coverage, and much more.

Beyond our insurance services, UnitedHealthcare Global is an Assistance Company. Our Emergency Response Center is in Baltimore, MD, while our Security Operations Center is in Houston, TX. Both centers are well-staffed and stand ready to assist your needs 24/7.

We do not farm out our assistance responsibilities. Rather, we strive to make them the best in the industry! We provide our own proprietary network of medical providers overseas on an as needed basis. Within the USA we provide a network of Preferred Providers which can be viewed at www.multiplan.com.

The General plan is available for both inbound and outbound Rotary Youth Exchange students; here are the top 10 advantages:

  1. 100% Emergency Medical Evacuation Benefit & Repatriation of Remains Benefits.
  2. Up to $1,000,000 Excess Medical Expense Benefit, 52 week benefit period.
  3. $500,000 Personal Liability limits with $0 deductible.
  4. $100,000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment Principal Sum.
  5. $100,000 Security Evacuation.
  6. Interscholastic Sports and Club Sports coverage is included.
  7. Choice of plans for both inbound and outbound students.
  8. Excess coverage acts as primary when other coverage does not extend out of country or does not include the benefit. UnitedHealthcare Global administers Guarantees of Payments on behalf of the insurance carrier in the event of hardship during emergencies.
  9. Detailed, destination-specific, pre-travel information & 24-hour Emergency Assistance, provided by UnitedHealthcare Global.
  10. No added administration fees: the premium is the premium - period.

For Group plans contact CMI/UnitedHealthcare Global at 1-800-586-0753, or to purchase the General plan online click below:


RYE Individual Coverage Buy Now - standard button


NOTE: Online enrollment will be available as soon as possible, please advise us of your specific needs at info@cmi-insurance.com.


Why CMI?

CMI Insurance provides global medical accident and sickness insurance products for international travelers. All CMI products are backed by the UnitedHealthcare Global Assistance Emergency Response Center.

We work with Colleges, Universities, Study Abroad companies and organizations, High School Exchange programs, Rotary Clubs, business groups, and companies that place international participants in work and travel programs.

It's more than insurance.